Tablets for Fifth Graders? Teachers Try Different Tactics

Tablets for Fifth Graders? Teachers Try Different Tactics
Schools across the country are increasingly starting to use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as classroom tools. But some educators are still skeptical that devices will distract students as much or more than they enhance the learning …
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2013 Year in Review: Android Tablets
While Android tablets are still trying to find their feet in the great shadow of the iPad, 2013 has been another great year for Android tablets. In fact, 2013 was arguably the year that tablets running Google's OS “found themselves” and figured out …
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These DIY Toilet Tablets Bust Through Clogged Drains
The folks at SavvySugar put a tried and true combination—baking soda and dish detergent—to good use in these tiny tablets that you can keep in a box or basket next to the toilet or under the bathroom sink. If your toilet starts flushing slowly or …
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New Research: 55% Of US/Canada Population Consider Replacing PC with
As tablets develop, one can easily buy a capable tablet for a relatively affordable price, making more and more of us tablet users. Thus for tablet users who already own a PC, what do they use their tablets for? How do tablets change the habits of people?
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